Spotless illumination for LED light panels 
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Is there a standard Angel Tape that fits any light panel? 

No. All manufactured light panels are different. We have created standard designs for each manufacturer's light panel; however they are not interchangeable. 

Does size matter? 

It does in this case. It's not the length, it's all about the width! The design of the Angel Tape differs according to the width of the light panel. As far as length is concerned, we would just increase the number of meters supplied but it does not affect the design. 

Should Angel Tape be fixed to the light panel or surface design layer? 

The tape should be positioned directly onto the light panel, with the Angel masks over the LEDs. We will supply fitting instructions with your purchase. 

Does it matter if there are LEDs on one or both sides of the light panel? 

Yes, this will make a difference. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

What is the optimum surface design layer? 

We would recommend 3mm 040 opalised acrylic but please contact us for bespoke requirements. 

Does the Lumen output make a difference? 

Yes, the tape is designed to suit individual panel specifications. 
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